STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. — A woman is heartbroken after an urn containing her husband’s ashes was stolen from her Stockbridge, Ga. home.

Lynn Valentine and her husband, George, had a plan. Whoever died first would be cremated so that when the other passed away they could be buried together in the same casket. That way they would always be together.

On Oct. 13, George Valentine suddenly passed away.

“He had carotid artery,” Lynn Valentine said. “Had the surgery. Came from the surgery and was doing OK for a few days and then things started to go south.”

He was cremated.

“I’m still trying to put one foot in front of the other,” Lynn said. “His passing was sudden and I’m still grieving.”

She thought the hardest part was behind her. Then came Tuesday.

Valentine came home from the funeral home and found that someone had broken into her house.

“The first thing I thought was my husband was on his nightstand,” she said. “I came in — I didn’t care about anything else — George was all I was thinking about. I came in and he was gone.”

All of the jewelry George had given Lynn was gone too.

“They knew what they were taking,” she said.

But all that Lynn cared about was the urn.

“I want him back,” she said. “That’s all I care about. I want him back.”

Neighbors told Valentine that they had seen a black truck in the carport that afternoon.

“Mom is crushed along with the rest of his family,” Pickren wrote. “We just want him returned.”

The urn is pictured below. There is also a blue velvet box with a yellow rose that says “baby” that contains some ashes that were to be spread in the ocean.

Lynn said she met George “later in life, after our kids were grown.”

“We were best friends — soul mates,” she said.

They would have celebrated their 21st anniversary last week.

“He was supposed to be with me forever,” Lynn Valentine said.

Pickren is asking whoever has the urn to anonymously leave it at the doorstep of a fire station or church or anywhere else in Stockbridge with a note saying “Please return to Horace Ward funeral home.”

“Please bring him back,” she said. “Even if the box is damaged…just bring him back.”

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